Just why am I annoyed with Comcast?

Allow me a little background of myself and this blog before diving into the very long tale.

This blog was first posted on annoyedwithcomcast.roxer.com but that site was very lacking.  A friend suggested WordPress so here I am!  The posts are currently posted with the title being the original date of the post.

I have been a customer of Comcast for many, many years.  Either with my name directly being on the account (as it has been for the last 3, and a number of years previous) or living with others (3 years before that), theirs is a service which I put above the rest.  Their customer service, however, has to be at the other end of that spectrum.

My current roommate and I are both technology professionals.  My current profession is providing technical support for an assortment of items, which includes networking and managing hardware.  Customer service in the realm of technology is something with which I am very familiar.

When I started having problems back in March of 2013, I did not bother tracking it in a blog.  I moved at the end of June, and shortly afterwards the problems became so frequent this blog was born.  I intentionally don’t have any flashy web design, or anything eye catching.

The purpose of this site is to detail every step of this terrible journey, and be able to share it not only with the masses, but anyone at Comcast who wants to read it.

Please, take the time and read everything.  I know there is a lot there, but it is the most accurate way to truly understand my frustration with this service.

Start with The Original Issue and go from there!


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