July 18, 2013

Shortly after I received the call from the new corporate employee, I realized we did not go over my current bill. I was told to pay an amount by the previous corporate employee but it had yet to reflect on the website. I was told to just pay a different amount than what was showed, but to be honest with all of my issues I remain hesitant to do so.


I called my new corporate employee yesterday. No answer. Left a voicemail. No call. Today, I made a call shortly after lunch. No answer. Left a voicemail. No call. And then, one final time, I called a half hour before the corporate employee’s schedule time to leave. No answer. Left a voicemail. No call.


What is the point of being given the direct line to a corporate employee who is supposed to be helping me, who tells me to call them when I have questions or concerns, when said employee never answers my call, nor returns them.


Comcast, please, get someone to tell me EXACTLY what my bill is going to be. I need this to be done very, very quickly. It is due tomorrow, and currently the amount on the website and the phone line has not changed as I am told it would. If there is a gap in my service tomorrow, then I will be reporting this story to existing consumer websites, and looking into dropping the service. For now it is just being shared among friends, and I am not reporting it.


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