July 22, 2013

This weekend proved to be the positive step forward I had hoped it would be. We had the first scheduled tech show up, and upgraded our boxes with no problem. The second tech did not fair as well. He upgraded our box, but could not import our phone number into it. Unfortunately, he only had that single box on his truck. He was super kind and we worked out an arrangement where he would bring a box that did have that functionality on Tuesday. Our speeds were instantly better. The modem we still had was apparently retired from deployment some time ago. It could not even support the kind of speeds for which we were paying. Needless to say, this frustrates me some, as the tech who did the original install should have determined this and replaced us.

For now, all services (except phone) appear to be working as normal. I received a phone call from my corporate contact, and she wanted to check in on the status. I expressed my gratitude and filled her in on the phone issue. She said she would call back on Wednesday to see if things were resolved. We also went over my bill for the next twelve months, as I wanted to leave zero room for surprises.

As it stands now, things are excellent. I do not enjoy how long this has taken, but a lot of that falls on me for not being available most week days. I hope to post one final update on Wednesday when this job is 100% complete and we are satisfied customers!


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