July 25, 2013

Tuesday came, and there was some confusion. I received a call from a different tech than the one who was supposed to come swap the modem. I gave him my roommate’s number, as he could be there and I could not, and they worked out when to meet at the apartment. By the time they met up, the tech who was originally supposed to show up with the new modem called, and stated he was on his way. My roommate was then waiting with the first tech who had called, while the second arrived later than scheduled. The tech quickly replaced the modem, and our phone was restored.

I was supposed to have received a follow up call yesterday, but it never came. Just as well, as I like to have a few days to stress test our systems. For now, the network seems fast, but we may upgrade due to all the tech we have. If so, I am sure that will be another adventure. Time will tell in a few more days.

As I was writing this, I just received my bill for next month. It is not the agreed upon amount. It is higher than what I was told. Not by much, but it is a different number. I guess it is time I re-post this blog out.


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