July 31, 2013

At this time, I have still not received my follow up call from my Corporate Contact. I will reach out to them directly today. Failing that, I will contact the Twitter Reps and re-share this link.

Here are our current issues:

– Each of our bedroom boxes are resetting overnight. We have noticed then when we come home from work, and the box is asking us which DVR to select. I have been up around 2/3 am and witnessed the box resetting. This is a daily occurrence.

– About said selection, it is showing two selections for living room DVR, on both boxes.

– The bill I was invoiced is for a different amount, again, than what I would be told it would be by the Corporate Contact. Below are the exact amounts I was told. Currently it is showing $130.56. I understand this is a difference of a few dollars, but the fact remains that it is not what was agreed upon between myself and the Corporate Contact.

128.98/6 months

148.88/after 6 months.

158.88/after 12 months

Comcast, I am starting to prepare the “It’s not you; it’s me,” speech.


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