October 10, 2013

In the time since my previous update, a lot has happened.

The evening after I posted it, I started to get email responses from my Executive Escalation Specialist.  His reasoning for not responding to my calls and emails?  He was out of the office.  No out of office reply, or voicemail to direct my issues to someone else?  No.  He stated that since all the problems were solved, he had a new billing plan for me.  This time I have it in writing.  Sadly, the bill is now the least of my worry.

Current Offer: This is for a full 12 months.

Bundle – 99.99
Modem – 7.00
HD DVR – 10.00
DVR Terminals – Free
Total – 116.99
One Month Free out of 12
Total for Year – 1286.89
Previous: This was for an undetermined amount of time.
Bundle – 109.99
Modem – 7.00
HD DVR – 10.00
DVR Terminals – Free for 6 months
Bonus – HBO
Total – 126.99
Total for Year – 1523.88 (unsure how much cost of terminal is, so not accounting for the other 6 months)
Now that the bill has been established for one full year, I mentioned that I would be watching my DVR setup for a full week before signing off on the repairs.  It did not take a full week.  It took just a few hours.
On Tuesday, I had (over the course of the night) 3 shows that were going to record.  These varied in length, and time, and had very few overlaps.  Of those 3 shows, only 2 recorded.  I started to see problems the moment the issues happened, right at 8pm.  I sent my Specialist an email, but I knew odds were good that he had just left.  My roommate told me that night that the pop up on the bedroom DVR has started again.  I have not yet checked mine.
Wednesday rolls around, and I am already assuming my DVR will not function correctly.  I assumed correctly.  I had 4 shows set last night, and only 1 of them recorded.  I watched what I could live, but that defeats the purpose of the DVR.  I prefer to watch on my own schedule.  Hence why I opted for a DVR.  During the evening, I received a call from some manager at Comcast who wanted to follow up on my issues.  Needless to say, I told him that we were back to all of the issues again.  He immediately reached out to his engineering people and said he would call back with an update very soon.  Considering my history, I was not holding my breath.  Thankfully this guy proved me wrong.  He called back and wanted to get specifics on what was set to record.  He compared my settings to what was showing on the backend of my account, and they did not match at all.  He said he would call me back today.
Meanwhile, today I hear back from my Specialist.  He had no idea someone called me last night.  Also, that only took my Specialist two days after I contacted him for him to get back to me.  Again, with the lack of communication.
Here is my current theory.  The tech who setup everything when I moved in also changed out the main DVR box.  I wonder if he did not de/activate them correctly in the first place.  I only just thought of this because of what I was told last night.  We are being prompted for two living room dvr’s when we only have the one.
Either way, the issues continue.  Hopefully I will hear back from the engineering team from last night.  Right now, those guys are this company’s only hope for keeping me.  Sure, we are paying very little now, but we are paying for a service that is not working as advertised.

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