October 23, 2013

When the tech showed up on the 12th, it happened to be the same tech from the previous week.  I mentioned that we were having issues, but that morning we checked out the box and discovered something.  Everything on the DVR was now showing what the supervisor told me the engineers were seeing.  The shows they stated were not set to record were no longer set to record, and so on.  I discussed this with the tech, and we both agreed to not make any changes.  We both felt that another change may cause more problems, and I decided to give it two weeks worth of heavy recording to see if there were any issues.  As for the internet issue, we still are not sure what is wrong.  At the time, we made the call not to make any changes just yet.


So, it has been almost two weeks, and the DVR situation seems to be good.  I am still not going to sign off on it until Monday (the 28th).  But I remain hopeful.


I was told by my current Executive Escalation Specialist that the bill this month would be non-existent, due to the numerous issues.  I logged into check my account moments ago.  Needless to say, there is a bill.   Admittedly it is not the full amount, but the fact there is a charge at all goes against what I was told.  I emailed the Specialist this morning, and they have ensured that the charge shown has been removed from the account.  I am asking for further confirmation that there will be no loss in service or fees, but time will tell on that one, I wager.


One thought on “October 23, 2013

  1. Hi, Annoyed! A few years ago I took a ride on the Comcast merry-go-round also. In the end I dumped them and went to DirecTV. It worked OK and their customer service was somewhat better. However, this year I got tired of paying $82 per month to watch way too many commercials and the mostly lousy shows, and I “cut the cable.”

    It was a really good thing for me to do. I spend way more time outdoors, I read, and I do lots of new non-couch things. I have a wife and friends that are fun to do things with, who knew?

    Good luck with Comcast, sorry you are going through this.

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