November 5, 2013

As assumed, the issue with the bill has not been rectified.  When I reached out to Twitter reps, they said the phone would reflect the true amount of the bill.  So I waited a few days.  I gave the line a call and sure enough, the bill is still there.  Twice now I have reached out to my escalation specialist, and I have yet to get a reply.


Now, the DVR issues seem to be gone.  Sometimes it does not show the recording light, but ultimately the shows are recorded and display in the list without issue.  The major technical issue seems to be our network.  Last night, my roommate and myself started to notice network issues.  We would do a speed test, and discover no immediate issues.  He ran a ping test against our router for a few minutes, and that was when we started to see our issue.  We would have normal ping responses for a few seconds, and about every ten seconds, we would see major spikes in the response time.  Nothing was being downloaded or uploaded on our network.  We were doing casual web browsing while the tv was in use, and yet our device started to fluctuate.


Now comes the important question: Do we look at getting the device swapped, or going to another company?  Decisions, decisions.