December 5, 2013

It has been one month to the day since I last brought up any of my issues.  I took some time to let the bill issue settle.  Combined with the holidays, we were willing to wait.  When we last left off, we were down to billing and network issues.

The account was credited $60 for our troubles, so I have yet to actually received a bill in the amount agreed upon with one of the many Executive Escalation Specialist.  In fact, we are one more Specialist past the one who gave us the agreed upon amount.  I have continued to email the existing Specialist to confirm the bill, but have not received a response pertaining to the ongoing bill.  He has sent one reply, saying, “There is a credit on the account at this time. The adjustments have been placed on the account as advise. I apologize for the delay.”  Beyond that I have not heard from them.  Yet another useless “Executive” with this company.

I actually think we were still overcharged.  In fact, I am examining my bill, and I was.  The previous charges were still charged to my account.  Now, to play Devil’s Advocate, mayhaps they gave me a $60 credit because they could not remove that charge.  If so, what another excuse of a terrible system.  Either way, I would still love some answers about our bill.

Next up on the agenda is our network issue.  I emailed the Specialist to attempt to get the hardware replaced, and yet again have not heard anything.  We know the signal coming into the home is good, but once it hits the modem/router they provided it becomes a random chance obtaining  of good connection.  Big money easily gave us the whammy.  I have the direct contact information of the excellent tech who has been to our home twice.  He also gave me his supervisor’s contact information.  He said if we cannot get in touch with corporate, to reach out.  He will come personally.  I will be emailing them today and see when we can arrange this swap.

In the end, getting the hardware swapped is our priority.  Though, if the next bill comes in, and it is not $116.99 (or very close to that), then more words will be had.






November 5, 2013

As assumed, the issue with the bill has not been rectified.  When I reached out to Twitter reps, they said the phone would reflect the true amount of the bill.  So I waited a few days.  I gave the line a call and sure enough, the bill is still there.  Twice now I have reached out to my escalation specialist, and I have yet to get a reply.


Now, the DVR issues seem to be gone.  Sometimes it does not show the recording light, but ultimately the shows are recorded and display in the list without issue.  The major technical issue seems to be our network.  Last night, my roommate and myself started to notice network issues.  We would do a speed test, and discover no immediate issues.  He ran a ping test against our router for a few minutes, and that was when we started to see our issue.  We would have normal ping responses for a few seconds, and about every ten seconds, we would see major spikes in the response time.  Nothing was being downloaded or uploaded on our network.  We were doing casual web browsing while the tv was in use, and yet our device started to fluctuate.


Now comes the important question: Do we look at getting the device swapped, or going to another company?  Decisions, decisions.

October 23, 2013

When the tech showed up on the 12th, it happened to be the same tech from the previous week.  I mentioned that we were having issues, but that morning we checked out the box and discovered something.  Everything on the DVR was now showing what the supervisor told me the engineers were seeing.  The shows they stated were not set to record were no longer set to record, and so on.  I discussed this with the tech, and we both agreed to not make any changes.  We both felt that another change may cause more problems, and I decided to give it two weeks worth of heavy recording to see if there were any issues.  As for the internet issue, we still are not sure what is wrong.  At the time, we made the call not to make any changes just yet.


So, it has been almost two weeks, and the DVR situation seems to be good.  I am still not going to sign off on it until Monday (the 28th).  But I remain hopeful.


I was told by my current Executive Escalation Specialist that the bill this month would be non-existent, due to the numerous issues.  I logged into check my account moments ago.  Needless to say, there is a bill.   Admittedly it is not the full amount, but the fact there is a charge at all goes against what I was told.  I emailed the Specialist this morning, and they have ensured that the charge shown has been removed from the account.  I am asking for further confirmation that there will be no loss in service or fees, but time will tell on that one, I wager.

October 11, 2013

Received a call last night from some tech supervisor.  They are sending out yet another tech to my home on Saturday.  The window for this is from 8-9, at my request.  I want them to get there early so if (when) things go south there is a large amount of time to get this solved.

I really need to go back through this blog and see just how many techs have been out for my issues.  One thing I find interesting is that I don’t remember a single time where I have had to sign for any work done.  From what I can tell there is no physical paper trail.  I am thinking I should reach out and see if they can send me the logs of everything that has happened on this account.

That would make for an interesting read, I’d wager.

October 10, 2013

In the time since my previous update, a lot has happened.

The evening after I posted it, I started to get email responses from my Executive Escalation Specialist.  His reasoning for not responding to my calls and emails?  He was out of the office.  No out of office reply, or voicemail to direct my issues to someone else?  No.  He stated that since all the problems were solved, he had a new billing plan for me.  This time I have it in writing.  Sadly, the bill is now the least of my worry.

Current Offer: This is for a full 12 months.

Bundle – 99.99
Modem – 7.00
HD DVR – 10.00
DVR Terminals – Free
Total – 116.99
One Month Free out of 12
Total for Year – 1286.89
Previous: This was for an undetermined amount of time.
Bundle – 109.99
Modem – 7.00
HD DVR – 10.00
DVR Terminals – Free for 6 months
Bonus – HBO
Total – 126.99
Total for Year – 1523.88 (unsure how much cost of terminal is, so not accounting for the other 6 months)
Now that the bill has been established for one full year, I mentioned that I would be watching my DVR setup for a full week before signing off on the repairs.  It did not take a full week.  It took just a few hours.
On Tuesday, I had (over the course of the night) 3 shows that were going to record.  These varied in length, and time, and had very few overlaps.  Of those 3 shows, only 2 recorded.  I started to see problems the moment the issues happened, right at 8pm.  I sent my Specialist an email, but I knew odds were good that he had just left.  My roommate told me that night that the pop up on the bedroom DVR has started again.  I have not yet checked mine.
Wednesday rolls around, and I am already assuming my DVR will not function correctly.  I assumed correctly.  I had 4 shows set last night, and only 1 of them recorded.  I watched what I could live, but that defeats the purpose of the DVR.  I prefer to watch on my own schedule.  Hence why I opted for a DVR.  During the evening, I received a call from some manager at Comcast who wanted to follow up on my issues.  Needless to say, I told him that we were back to all of the issues again.  He immediately reached out to his engineering people and said he would call back with an update very soon.  Considering my history, I was not holding my breath.  Thankfully this guy proved me wrong.  He called back and wanted to get specifics on what was set to record.  He compared my settings to what was showing on the backend of my account, and they did not match at all.  He said he would call me back today.
Meanwhile, today I hear back from my Specialist.  He had no idea someone called me last night.  Also, that only took my Specialist two days after I contacted him for him to get back to me.  Again, with the lack of communication.
Here is my current theory.  The tech who setup everything when I moved in also changed out the main DVR box.  I wonder if he did not de/activate them correctly in the first place.  I only just thought of this because of what I was told last night.  We are being prompted for two living room dvr’s when we only have the one.
Either way, the issues continue.  Hopefully I will hear back from the engineering team from last night.  Right now, those guys are this company’s only hope for keeping me.  Sure, we are paying very little now, but we are paying for a service that is not working as advertised.

October 8, 2013

I have not updated in some time. A large part of that was dealing with the previous issues while being very sick.  Then I was out of town for some time, and upon returning home it took a few weeks to get back to a normal routine.  Shortly after the previous post, some changes were made, and it solved some but not all of the issues.  Regardless, the issues are far from over.

Pertaining to the previous issues:

The bedroom boxes are no longer resetting from what I can tell.

They have not prompted to select which DVR to use.

Still having network issues anytime there is an upload.

Still having issues getting anyone to agree on what my bills should be.

Now, let’s add more issues, shall we!

In the time since I have updated last, we have had a lot of issues with our X1.  Specifically, the issues stem around DVR functionality.  We would set a show (usually as a series) to record.  We could preview where in the guide the show was set to record.  Only twice did we set a show, and it never said it would record via the guide.  Yet, if you were to go to the recording options for the show, it would be set to record.  Those never recorded.

The shows that did record, well, those were problematic.  The DVR would show that a scheduled recording had started.  We would wait 15-20 minutes into a broadcast so we could fast forward as needed.  When going to the DVR menu, the show that was set to record would be nowhere in the list, despite the indicator light.  We would then have to go to the guide, and see where the show was recording there.  From there, we could change over to the show, and rewind it back to the start.

Alternatively, some times a show would show as recording on the indicator light, but not show up in the list.  It would also not show as being set to record via the guide, despite clearly being set to record.  Those shows would not show up in the list until the following day.

So, now the issues are:

Networking Issues

Billing Issues

DVR Issues

I reached out to Twitter, at this point only wanting to communicate with people in written form so everything would be logged.  About a week ago, I was given yet another Executive Escalation Specialist.  I maintained communication via email, and an appointment was set for this past Saturday, from 10-12.  I had to change some personal plans around, but I wanted to maintain my end of things.  Saturday morning comes, and at 11:52, eight minutes before the end of the window, I get a call saying my tech would be no more than two hours later.  This was due (according to the person on the phone) to one technician calling out today.  I immediately asked to speak to a supervisor, but one was not available.  I asked for one to call me as soon as possible.

An hour passes, and a supervisor calls me.  His agents did not brief him as to why, and I let him know.  Two hours late was just unacceptable considering the issues this account was having.  He sounded genuinely appalled, apologized, and said he would see what he could do to bump me up to the front of the line.  He would call me back to confirm.  No call came.  No technician came.

At 2:05, I began calling the customer service number.  The automated system knew I had a missed appointment, and immediately directed me over.  The person with whom I was speaking was extremely polite and very shocked at the issues I had been having.  She was flabbergasted that this had been ongoing for six months in two different homes.  I asked to reschedule for Sunday, as at this point I no longer wanted to be a prisoner in my own home.  The earliest she could give me was 1:30, and I told her that was not acceptable.  If they could not get someone to my home the very first thing on Sunday, I would be cancelling my service.

It was at that point there was a knock at the door.  The technician had arrived.  I mentioned that to the agent on the phone, and asked that everything I said please stay on file, and we would see how this appointment went.  The call was ended, and I let the technician into my home.  He immediately apologized for being incredibly late.  He went on to tell me that his managers were seriously overbooking their technicians.  Within the 10-12 window where I was scheduled, he had three other appointments scheduled.  Basic math would then allow for no more than 30 minutes per appointment.  Needless to say, the tech and I agreed that was not very realistic, especially in Atlanta.

I updated him on the history of issues on the account, just so he would have all of the information.  As a fellow employee of tech support, I know I appreciate having all the facts, and with that information he immediately had an idea.  He described some serious interference on our line.  He did a test and determined that the upstairs cable line was wrecking the rest of the home.  As each of these cable boxes are basically modems, that made perfect sense.  We never started having the DVR issues until the upstairs was upgraded.

The technician replaced the lines in that room, and also replaced all of the fittings within the main feed in our home.  He said that the fittings were not exactly the best, and could cause additional interference.  From there, he went to the main communications room in our building, and discovered the same problem there.  All of the fittings were loose or in poor quality, and he replaced them.  Afterwards he returned, did another line test on our home, and found the connection to be much more stable.  He also explained that this was something the move in tech should have realized and solved, in addition to every tech who had been on site.  Needless to say, if you have read everything here, you know just how those experiences went.

After that, he wrapped things up, and explained everything he did clearly so I could detail it here.  He was incredibly professional, and honest.  He understood my frustration and did everything he knew he could do to solve it.  He did not know what was causing the network to choke during an upload but he thinks that with all of the interference now being cleaned up, we should see better service across the board.

Now, I am giving things a full week to see if there is improvement.  Maybe two.  I am recording more TV than I ever have on this box between the roommate and myself, so if we are going to have issues, we are going to see them quickly.

As for the billing issue I have, I was told by my Executive Escalation Specialist that he could not assist me with that under after the technician had completed the task.  I understand that, especially considering the technician was not only late beyond the original window scheduled, but also later than the second window.  Also, a really important note here, during this entire experience, I was calling the direct line for my Executive Escalation Specialist.  I was leaving voicemails, and I was emailing him after every call.  Not once did he answer his phone.  Not once did he return a voicemail.  Not once was there a reply.  Considering the Specialist’s hours were from 11:00-8:00 on Saturday, you would think that someone from the Executive department would reach back out, especially since they were assigned to this problematic case.  In my entire history with this company, not one time has an Executive Escalation Specialist returned my call.  I am not even sure what that part of the company does, beyond schedule techs, and a basic level agent can provide that service.

The bottom line in all of this, is that for a communications company, there is zero communication.

I hope to hear back from this Specialist today so we can discuss the bill.  Considering how long my issues have been ongoing, I am really surprised no one on an upper level wants to ensure everything possible is going right with this account.  I really want this blog to land in the hands of some senior member at the company, just so they can see how hellish this is.  We prefer the service that Comcast offers over any other provider.  We just feel like maybe Comcast doesn’t feel the same way about us.

August 12, 2013

I have posted this article twice, with no responses. In that time, the previous technical issues have not been solved. In fact, we found ourselves with a new one. The other night, my roommate was uploading a video he had shot, a mere 500MB file, and it completely KILLED everything on the network. His upload moved at a crazy fast speed, but every other device lost all connectivity. The moment the upload finished, all devices restored to normal.

My bill was due today, and considering no one has contacted me about it, I felt I had no choice but to pay this amount.

Here are the current issues remaining:

The bedroom boxes are resetting daily.

After every reboot, it prompts us which DVR to use. (We only have the 1.)

Network issues anytime someone uploads.

What I am now being told as my next few bills is not what I agreed to.

I never had these problems at my last location, even with an older modem. Make this right, Comcast.

Please contact me at the email address you have on file, because at the time I am writing this, I am suffering from tonsillitis and having a hard time using my voice.