December 5, 2013

It has been one month to the day since I last brought up any of my issues.  I took some time to let the bill issue settle.  Combined with the holidays, we were willing to wait.  When we last left off, we were down to billing and network issues.

The account was credited $60 for our troubles, so I have yet to actually received a bill in the amount agreed upon with one of the many Executive Escalation Specialist.  In fact, we are one more Specialist past the one who gave us the agreed upon amount.  I have continued to email the existing Specialist to confirm the bill, but have not received a response pertaining to the ongoing bill.  He has sent one reply, saying, “There is a credit on the account at this time. The adjustments have been placed on the account as advise. I apologize for the delay.”  Beyond that I have not heard from them.  Yet another useless “Executive” with this company.

I actually think we were still overcharged.  In fact, I am examining my bill, and I was.  The previous charges were still charged to my account.  Now, to play Devil’s Advocate, mayhaps they gave me a $60 credit because they could not remove that charge.  If so, what another excuse of a terrible system.  Either way, I would still love some answers about our bill.

Next up on the agenda is our network issue.  I emailed the Specialist to attempt to get the hardware replaced, and yet again have not heard anything.  We know the signal coming into the home is good, but once it hits the modem/router they provided it becomes a random chance obtaining  of good connection.  Big money easily gave us the whammy.  I have the direct contact information of the excellent tech who has been to our home twice.  He also gave me his supervisor’s contact information.  He said if we cannot get in touch with corporate, to reach out.  He will come personally.  I will be emailing them today and see when we can arrange this swap.

In the end, getting the hardware swapped is our priority.  Though, if the next bill comes in, and it is not $116.99 (or very close to that), then more words will be had.