July 31, 2013

At this time, I have still not received my follow up call from my Corporate Contact. I will reach out to them directly today. Failing that, I will contact the Twitter Reps and re-share this link.

Here are our current issues:

– Each of our bedroom boxes are resetting overnight. We have noticed then when we come home from work, and the box is asking us which DVR to select. I have been up around 2/3 am and witnessed the box resetting. This is a daily occurrence.

– About said selection, it is showing two selections for living room DVR, on both boxes.

– The bill I was invoiced is for a different amount, again, than what I would be told it would be by the Corporate Contact. Below are the exact amounts I was told. Currently it is showing $130.56. I understand this is a difference of a few dollars, but the fact remains that it is not what was agreed upon between myself and the Corporate Contact.

128.98/6 months

148.88/after 6 months.

158.88/after 12 months

Comcast, I am starting to prepare the “It’s not you; it’s me,” speech.


July 25, 2013

Tuesday came, and there was some confusion. I received a call from a different tech than the one who was supposed to come swap the modem. I gave him my roommate’s number, as he could be there and I could not, and they worked out when to meet at the apartment. By the time they met up, the tech who was originally supposed to show up with the new modem called, and stated he was on his way. My roommate was then waiting with the first tech who had called, while the second arrived later than scheduled. The tech quickly replaced the modem, and our phone was restored.

I was supposed to have received a follow up call yesterday, but it never came. Just as well, as I like to have a few days to stress test our systems. For now, the network seems fast, but we may upgrade due to all the tech we have. If so, I am sure that will be another adventure. Time will tell in a few more days.

As I was writing this, I just received my bill for next month. It is not the agreed upon amount. It is higher than what I was told. Not by much, but it is a different number. I guess it is time I re-post this blog out.

July 22, 2013

This weekend proved to be the positive step forward I had hoped it would be. We had the first scheduled tech show up, and upgraded our boxes with no problem. The second tech did not fair as well. He upgraded our box, but could not import our phone number into it. Unfortunately, he only had that single box on his truck. He was super kind and we worked out an arrangement where he would bring a box that did have that functionality on Tuesday. Our speeds were instantly better. The modem we still had was apparently retired from deployment some time ago. It could not even support the kind of speeds for which we were paying. Needless to say, this frustrates me some, as the tech who did the original install should have determined this and replaced us.

For now, all services (except phone) appear to be working as normal. I received a phone call from my corporate contact, and she wanted to check in on the status. I expressed my gratitude and filled her in on the phone issue. She said she would call back on Wednesday to see if things were resolved. We also went over my bill for the next twelve months, as I wanted to leave zero room for surprises.

As it stands now, things are excellent. I do not enjoy how long this has taken, but a lot of that falls on me for not being available most week days. I hope to post one final update on Wednesday when this job is 100% complete and we are satisfied customers!

July 19, 2013

This morning I received a call from my most recent corporate contact. She was able to inform me of the current amount of the bill. The website and the phone line both only update that information every thirty days. I was assured that the amount she gave me over phone was all I needed to pay.

She sent me an email with with correct amount so I would have something in writing. I have paid the amount, and she has confirmed it is pending. She has assured me that there will be no lapse in coverage, and remained jovial and helpful throughout.

Tomorrow is when the two techs are supposed to show, and that is a make it or break kind of day. My roomie and I were interested in increasing our speed, but first we wanted to get to the plan we have. We both work in a telecom field, so we feel like there is some capping going on that can be removed. As always, time will tell.

Today was a good step on Comcast’s part, so I hope we keep that momentum.

July 18, 2013

Shortly after I received the call from the new corporate employee, I realized we did not go over my current bill. I was told to pay an amount by the previous corporate employee but it had yet to reflect on the website. I was told to just pay a different amount than what was showed, but to be honest with all of my issues I remain hesitant to do so.


I called my new corporate employee yesterday. No answer. Left a voicemail. No call. Today, I made a call shortly after lunch. No answer. Left a voicemail. No call. And then, one final time, I called a half hour before the corporate employee’s schedule time to leave. No answer. Left a voicemail. No call.


What is the point of being given the direct line to a corporate employee who is supposed to be helping me, who tells me to call them when I have questions or concerns, when said employee never answers my call, nor returns them.


Comcast, please, get someone to tell me EXACTLY what my bill is going to be. I need this to be done very, very quickly. It is due tomorrow, and currently the amount on the website and the phone line has not changed as I am told it would. If there is a gap in my service tomorrow, then I will be reporting this story to existing consumer websites, and looking into dropping the service. For now it is just being shared among friends, and I am not reporting it.

July 15, 2013 (update)

I posted these updates, and soon heard from a new corporate employee. I mentioned my internet speed had just hit a new low, 1.11 down, moments before they called. The employee let out what I can only describe as an audible gasp. She wanted to look into some things and called me back. I now have two techs showing up this Saturday, one to install the box and one to troubleshoot my internet. This particular employee was quite jovial, and expressed actual concern over my issues. I hope this one stays on board with these issues.

July 15, 2013

After placing the call to my corporate contact, I have yet to hear back. I know this person is off on Sundays and Mondays, but that was still 3 days the person could have called me back. Another strike against the service, sadly.


In that time, we have noticed terrible download speeds. I am paying to get the Performance Package. Admittedly, it is one of the lower tiers, with 25 MBPS down and 5 MBPS up (according to the Comcast site). We have been testing from peak to off hours daily for the last 4 days. The most down I have ever seen is 5.7 MBPS down, whereas our upstream has been around 5 MBPS. Unfortunately, the average speed has been 2-3 MPBS down. We really hope to get this addressed and fixed. I understand that you don’t always get what your max is, but to not even get 20% of that speed on average is abysmal.